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Paul Loeb Live!

Listen to my January 2010 interview with Making Contact radio, along with two people profiled in Soul of a Citizen, Alison Smith of Maine's Clean Elections Project, and David Lewis, who spent 17 years in the California prison system before creating a pioneering drug and alcohol rehabilitation project that dropped his community's murder rate 80%.


Listen to my interview with Mike Cuthbert on AARP's Prime Time Radio


Watch a Jan 2011 conversation with Oklahoma's Northeastern State University President Don Betz and questions from a leadership class he teaches. (It's the first course meeting the course, so I don't come in until after about 8:00 minutes, after President Betz talks about the expectations and format and then does an intro)


Watch my November 2011 Tedx Calgary talk on Climate Change, Tar Sands, and Finding the Courage to Act


Watch my September 2012 convocation before 2500 students at Augustana College. The Q&A portion is in a separate video link

Watch my November 2012 Tedx talk in Athens Greece on how their country's citizens can find hope, despite the overwhelming crises they face, from harsh austerity measures and massive tax evasion to the electoral success of the neo-fascist Golden Dawn party. [Not sure why they clipped my microphone pack on the outside of my jacket, but they were on a tight speaker schedule so there wasn't time to switch it]


Watch my October 2013 conversation at the New School, leading off their series on engaged alumni. It's a biographical conversation, not a lecture, but people seemed to really like it.


Watch my May 2014 interview for Thom Hartmann's national radio and TV show (the visual was done by Skype so the background's a bit ragged, but I think we packed a lot in).



Listen to my June 2014 interview with Sierra Club radio.


Listen to my July 2014 interview for the Social Entrepreneurship Newsletter


Watch my June 2014 interview with Laura Flanders for GritTV. Also includes some clips of her earlier interviews with some of my wonderful authors.


Listen to my October 2015 interview with Tony Martignetti's Nonprofit Radio. My interview starts about 3 minutes in, following Tony's intro


Watch a January 2016 interview with Ring of Fire TV on our Campus Election Engagement Project  [Skype interview so not studio quality]



Watch a May 2016 interview with Richard Eskow on show The Zero Hour
[Another Skype interview, so the visuals are only fair]


Listen to Oct 2016 interview with Cincinnatti NPR affiliate WVXU.




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