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Paul Rogat Loeb

The Impossible Will
Take a Little While

Soul of a Citizen


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I'd love readers to be able to discuss my work. A prime way is to sign up to be notified when I post new articles on HuffingtonPost, my main online home. That way you'll be able to publicly comment on each of my articles as they're posted. Since I don't send all articles to my email list, this allows you to comment on the pieces as soon as they're posted, and respond to the comments of others. It also helps the posts stay visible as they tend to features those with more discussion and debate. Since I usually read and respond to at least some of the comments I'd be part of the dialogue as well.


Using Facebook is another convenient way. So here's a link to my Facebook fan site,, where I hope you'll sign up and then use the site, including the Discussion section, to begin your own conversations with other fans about Soul of a Citizen, The Impossible Will Take a Little While, and my other books and articles. Since I also post all my articles to this site as well, signing up is a great way to pass the word on them and on my books to your friends.


If you're in academia, there's also a nascent thread on teaching my books in the classroom on the website Faculty Row. You'll need to register to participate and sign up for their discussion thread on community engagement, scholarship, teaching and learning, but it's free and once you do it's a good way to dialogue with other faculty about using my work in the classroom.

At present I'm not hugely active on Twitter, but I did set up an account, and have set it up to automatically Tweet summaries of my new articles. So if you want to sign up to pass on these alerts, you can do so at

I'd also greatly appreciate your reviewing my books on Amazon, and commenting on existing reviews, since people really do look at those reviews when they decide whether to purchase books.

And finally, do please sign up for my email list. It's not as interactive as Facebook, but it's a great way to ensure that you get all my articles and other notifications.


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