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Paul Loeb Media Resources

Some alternative magazines, websites and other information resources that I find particularly useful for social change.

Draws on different alternative publications and also posts their own content.



Alternative Radio
[Hour-long alternative radio program featuring leading radical thinkers and activists]

Campaign for America's Future
[Brings together lots of good perspectives and organizations for a progressive agenda]

Christian Science Monitor
[Most thoughtful international coverage of any US newspaper, and good domestic coverage as well. Much more critical of state and corporate power than the New York Times or Washington Post.]

Citizens for Tax Justice
[best available analysis of federal and state taxation patterns, including more progressive alternatives]

Daily Kos
Prime liberal political blog


Economic Policy Institute
[best source on economic trends and inequality]

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting
[national media-watch group with some local chapters. They also put out an excellent magazine called Extra]


Giraffe Project
[gives you real-life heroes' stories, a free classroom lesson, information on the K-12 Giraffe Heroes Program and printable quotes on courage and service]

Global Exchange
[Works on global trade issues and offers "reality tours" of places affected by economic injustice. They coordiante the wonderful Green Festivals.]


Huffington Post

I do much of my writing for them and value their mix of original reporting and commentary and links to other outlets.


Independent Media Center
Founded during the Seattle WTO protests, provides alternative breaking coverage of major national and international demonstrations, including eye-witness reports and videos. Reports tend to be extremely subjective, so need to be taken with a large grain of salt, but it's an interesting site to get alternative perspectives.


Institute for Public Accuracy
[Wonderful news source on breaking news. Lists alternative experts with concise perspectives on the issues of the day.]


International Center for Nonviolent Conflict
Excellent center with resources on nonviolent action.



In These Times
[good radical politics, labor coverage]

International Alternative Media Links
Who gets included seems pretty random, but some perspectives you wouldn't et elsewhere

Media Channel
[Excellent international reporting on media issues]

Mother Jones
[strong alternative investigative reporting]

Ms. Magazine
[leading feminist magazine]

The Nation
America's oldest liberal-radical weekly and one of the best progressive publications

National Catholic Reporter
core resource for progressive Catholics

New Dimensions Radio
Excellent alternative radio program focusing on spirit and environmental and social responsibility. Also produces a magazine


The Progressive
Long-time progressive monthly


One of my very favorite magazines, wonderfully humane and radical Christian magazine. Jim Wallis edits it.

Teaching Tolerance
Excellent resource for teachers and activists on teaching tolerance and social justice


Good progressive Jewish magazine

United for a Fair Economy

Excellent research and action group working on tax and economic inequalities



Utne Reader
Long-time alternative press digest--a little more lifestylely

Voices In Wartime
A website, created by some close friends of mine, that focuses on creating an online community where people can publish writing and images about how to respond to our current times. It allows people to publish their own writing and images, engage with others by viewing and commenting on their work and act to create a less violent world.


Yes Magazine
Focuses on wonderful hopeful alternatives


ZNET/Z Magazine
Good magazine, a bit more leftist, with on-line discussions of progressive political activism.






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