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Hope In Hard Times

Paul Loeb's Hope in Hard Times: America's Peace Movement and the Reagan Era looks at how previously unconcerned men and women got involved in the nuclear peace movement, in the often-resistant climate of the Reagan era, from a National Mother of the Year risking ten years in jail for blockading a Trident submarine, to a small town South Carolina preacher bringing nuclear issues to his once-insulated community.

Hope is currently out of print but can be ordered directly from the author for $16 plus $4 postage

Paul Loeb
c/o Center for Ethical Leadership
3232 41st Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98116

Praise for Hope in Hard Times: America's Peace Movement and the Reagan Era

"In giving the peace movement the serious portrait it deserves, and in being objective enough to be critical...Loeb offers the kind of confirmation the peace movement needs."--New York Times

"An eloquent book."--The Atlantic

"[Explores] the individual thought processes and moral and philosophical frameworks that have led ordinary make this issue their issue."--Los Angeles Times

"Loeb's ability to amass pertinent facts is unparalleled. [Reveals] the psychological complexities of people whose lives are most affected by the bomb."--Psychology Today

"Must reading... [a] masterful treatment."--National Catholic Reporter

"His unique ability to shed light on complex political, social and technological issues...should be of use to anyone working to change public attitudes."--San Francisco Chronicle

"Prophetic, indeed...What Studs Terkel did to raise working-class men and  women to levels  of majesty in his classic, Working, Paul Loeb has done for the aging and ageless soldiers of the night who continue the fight for life for all of us born with a  birthright of thermonuclear vaporization." --The Columbus Dispatch

"One of the few books recently published worth reading. It is a therapy for bewildered consciences, tired spirits and jaded lives." --Philip Berrigan


"Mr Loeb is one of the people who gives me hope, explaining as he does so well what is happening and what we can do about it." --Newsday

"Reads like a novel." --The Anchorage Times, Anchorage, Alaska


"He has a gift for capturing people's characteristic lines, for placing them in the context of a key event, and for linking each personal decision and particular event to other people's private decisions and other events around the country."--Commonweal


"You have managed to combine the philosophical with the sociological and the political in a way that makes for a profound thinking and reading experience." --Norman Cousins

 "The chapter on children and the bomb should be read by every parent, grandparent, teacher and principal." --The Philadelphia Inquirer


"[Loeb is] a kind of anti-nuke Charles Kuralt, someone who believes in the decency and good sense of ordinary people and finds human marvels wherever he goes." --Seattle Post-Intelligencer


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